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Heart and Hand in Action - Extraordinary Impact



Giving back to our community is an important part of our company value. 

We believe that doing good, by sharing companies profit, is the right thing to do. 

We are proud of the different initiatives we have put in place to support!


Together, we will update the donations every 6 months, strengthening our impact.



Contribution List 2023:


Support for Elephants at Zoo Osnabrück:


Total contribution amount: 2,000 Euros Description: Supporting Zoo Osnabrück in promoting the well-being and protection of elephants, as well as the preservation of their habitat.


Children's Projects by John McGurk and his foundation "Eine Zukunft für Kinder" (A Future for Children):


Total contribution amount: 2,600 Euros Description: Supporting the children's projects led by John McGurk and his foundation "Eine Zukunft für Kinder," which advocate for disadvantaged children, providing them with educational opportunities and a better future.


Support for Orphaned Children in Dongguan, China:


Total contribution amount: 1,350 Euros Description: Supporting orphaned children in Dongguan, China, to acquire necessary life-sustaining equipment that ensures a safe and healthy environment for them.


Cooperation with Schlecks Ice Cream Parlor Germany:


Total contribution amount: 1,423 Euros Description: In collaboration with Schlecks Ice Cream Parlor, 1,423 Euros were raised for Arche Germany.



Contribution List 2024:


Elephant Patenschaft (Zoo Osnabrück):


Total contribution amount: 500 Euros Description: Establishing an elephant sponsorship at Zoo Osnabrück, contributing to the well-being and conservation of elephants. The sponsorship supports their care, habitat preservation, and educational initiatives.