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Elephan-Care Hoodie Lemon Yellow

Elephan-Care Hoodie Lemon Yellow

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**🐘🧡 The Perfect Hoodie for Warmth, Freedom, and Community 🧡🐘**

Our impressive French Terry Hoodie featuring the embroidered elephant on the front and the Together we are Stronger logo with a heart on the back is perfect for those who want to share their positive energy of unity with others while supporting an important cause 💕

**What makes this Hoodie so special:**

✨ **Quilted Lining:** The hoodie is quilted both in the belly and back areas, providing a thermal effect. You'll never feel cold again, no matter how chilly it is outside.

✨ **Free Arms:** This hoodie keeps your arms free, allowing you to easily wear it under a jacket during winter or use it as warm belly and back protection on mild autumn days. Perfect for a visit to the zoo or leisurely nature walks.

✨ **Feel Good at Work:** Wear this hoodie proudly at work and show that you're contributing to the Osnabrück Zoo. Your colleagues will be inspired by your dedication!

💕 **Support the Osnabrück Zoo:** By purchasing this hoodie, you're not only spreading a positive message but also supporting the "Roots ahead" campaign to expand the elephant enclosures at the Osnabrück Zoo. A portion of the proceeds (5 euros) directly contributes to this important project. Together, we can tackle this significant task because "Together we are Stronger."

Knitted French Terry made from 86% cotton and 14% polyester, 100% polyester for the lining in the belly and back areas. No lining in the sleeves.

Wear your hoodie with pride and warm not only yourself but also the hearts of our elephant friends at the Osnabrück Zoo. 🧡🐘
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